Customised cupboards and walk-in wardrobes

As a specialist in kitchen layout for more than 25 years, we now offer a comprehensive service for the design and layout of customised cupboards and walk-in wardrobes.

More than just storage space

Now storage has become an art and cupboards have taken a proper place in the layout of living areas, and are incorporated elegantly and creatively. Whether it is the layout of an entire room dedicated to your walk-in wardrobe, a library, an office, a cloakroom or even a multimedia unit, the possibilities are endless and can be customised as you want.

Our expertise in details and quality

For more than 25 years we have been designing and installing customised furniture for 25 years. Historically specialised in producing kitchens, we are now extending our experience to all rooms in the home. Rigour, passion and service remain our watchwords and our interior designers assist you at every stage of the design of your cupboards.

Each project has its own personality

Storage solutions can be so big that homes exist to accommodate them. They lend themselves to all spaces and meet every need. At The Kitchen Company, we are present at every stage of your cupboard or walk-in wardrobe design project to advise you professionally and skilfully.

We start by defining the type of project with you: is it for the complete layout of a walk-in wardrobe room? A storage cupboard under the stairs? Or the creation of a TV area in a living room? We discuss the intended use and together decide on each constituent element of the cupboard, its colours, possible textures or the integration of sliding or swinging doors.

Once the whole project is decided, we, the interior designers, turn it into reality with a 3D plan. This gives you an idea of the end-result of your cupboard in a real-life situation. Our technical teams then take all the necessary measures on site so that the furniture is incorporated perfectly into the space. On the agreed date, our installers will install the cupboard or walk-in wardrobe down to the very last detail.

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