Laundry room

Originally specialists in kitchen design for over 25 years, we have expanded our range to include the design of laundries and utility rooms.

Ergonomics and space optimization

Laundry rooms and utility rooms are often ‘put off’ spaces. They often serve solely for storing cleaning products and doing laundry. However, a well-designed, ergonomic laundry room ensures comfort for your daily tasks.

The Kitchen Company offers to equip your laundry room with furniture selected for their practicality and organizational solutions. Of course, you can choose various accessories to optimize the storage of your appliances and cleaning products.

Color harmony

Beyond simple layout, you can maintain harmony between your kitchen furniture and your laundry room and/or utility room through our selection of facades. In this way, and through the various colors and finishes, you can create and bring to life the atmosphere of your choice in all the rooms of your home.

The eye of our interior designers

The laundry room can often be a place where ergonomics are set aside to make room for simple storage. At The Kitchen Company, we emphasize maximizing ergonomics in all rooms. Our interior designers incorporate numerous elements (physical, furniture layout…) to provide you with the optimal layout. In the laundry room, this will result in a raised washing machine, a drawer beneath it, the incorporation of baskets, and more…

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