Tv cabinets

Originally specialists in kitchen design for over 25 years, we have expanded our range to include TV furniture.

Balance and ease

At The Kitchen Company, we understand the importance of marrying style and practicality in your living room. It’s a place where your family and friends gather to share unforgettable moments, which is why its layout is of particular importance. To achieve this goal, we have developed TV furniture that meets your aesthetic and ergonomic needs. As flat screens become design objects, pairing them with one of our TV furniture pieces will allow you to optimize your space while adding a certain flair.

Modularity and creativity

Our TV furniture is designed to offer you infinite modularity. Height, depth, width, the presence of legs, handles, doors, or drawers, colors, and finishes – let your imagination and desires run wild.

Thanks to these numerous possibilities, you can maintain a common thread between the different rooms in your new home.

The contribution of our interior designers

For each project, our interior designers take into account numerous elements to propose an optimal layout. For example, placing the TV furniture at an appropriate height to reduce eye and neck fatigue. In such conditions, you can fully enjoy your favorite movies or watch anticipated sporting events.

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