Office room

Originally specialists in kitchen design for over 25 years, we have expanded our range to include office and workspace design.

A work-life balance harmony

Working from home has been a growing trend in recent years. This new work environment has brought forth new needs. We can undoubtedly emphasize the importance of having a well-designed office space to work comfortably.

How can we translate this necessity into a design solution? This can take several forms: a spacious area to accommodate your computer and some decorations to make it feel ‘homely,’ sufficient storage for documents, or even power outlets and lighting to ensure you never run out of electricity or brightness.

Now, all of these elements are available and achievable at The Kitchen Company. We will assist you in your project to create the office space you deserve.

A range of possibilities

We know how much a cleverly designed and comfortable office makes a difference day by day. That’s why we have developed various furniture ranges that can cater to your preferences in terms of look and feel, as well as functionality. From more subdued colors to vibrant ones, full integration of your office into your living space, the possibilities offered by our numerous products will meet your desires.

Ergonomics and support

Ergonomics is an increasingly discussed and studied element within companies. Therefore, it should also be considered when we work from home. That’s why, beyond design, we design our projects with usability and ergonomics in mind for your new workspace. Our interior designers will take into account your measurements, as well as your needs and preferences, to provide you with the desk that suits you.

Are you looking for a top-notch partner specializing in kitchen design and interior design for your real estate acquisition? Schedule an appointment online or contact us via our contact form.

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