Originally specialists in kitchen design for over 25 years, we have expanded our range to include bathroom design.

Relaxation space

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is a place where taste and elegance prevail. It meets particular needs as it invites relaxation, self-care, and escape from the daily routine. To ensure that this space fully corresponds to your idea of relaxation, we have developed a wide range of furniture inspired by current trends.

Warm wood, modern concrete, glossy or matte surfaces, these are all combinations that can be considered with our interior designers. They will develop and offer solutions that meet your expectations.

Ideal for all spaces

Depending on your project, we will optimize your space so that it seamlessly fits into your area. To do this, we have developed a range of bathroom furniture that meets various needs. In fact, we can offer a solution for any type of space. From a small water room with practical furniture and a basin to a more spacious bathroom with wall-mounted furniture, you can infuse the dream atmosphere entirely.

Dare to use color

White and black have always been and will continue to be effective colors that appeal to a wide audience. However, we have chosen to offer you more contemporary colors that go beyond the traditional bathroom imagery, allowing you to personalize your space even more.

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