Laundry room

As specialists in kitchen design for over 25 years, we have expanded our range to include the design of laundry rooms and pantries.

Ergonomics and space optimization

The laundry room and the pantry are often ‘put off’ spaces with only their basic purpose in mind: storing cleaning products and doing laundry. However, a well-designed, ergonomic laundry room with optimized space can add extra value to your real estate project.

With the same commitment to providing you with the best solutions, The Kitchen Company offers to equip your laundry room or pantry with carefully chosen furniture to facilitate your work organization and save you time.

More than just storage

Thanks to our selection of fronts, you will be able to match your laundry room and/or pantry furniture with those selected for the main kitchen. This way, you can infuse the atmosphere of your real estate project into every room of the house.

The expertise of our interior architects

At The Kitchen Company, we prioritize maximizing the ergonomics of our layout proposals. For each project, our interior architects incorporate numerous elements to provide you with the optimal layout. In the case of laundry rooms, it is important to carefully plan the space to offer ideal user comfort to your clients. This translates into a raised washing machine, a drawer underneath it, and the incorporation of baskets, among other things.

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