K-smart kitchens: a cutting-edge range combining technology and high-level customisation

Nos cuisines de la gamme K-smart intègrent un large choix de coloris et de finitions tout en offrant des possibilités d’aménagement infinies pour répondre aux spécificités de chaque projet en s’intégrant parfaitement au reste de l’intérieur de l’habitation.

Wide choice of colours and finishes

By opting for our K-smart range, you leave room for creativity by increasing the range of possibilities. Indeed, K-smart modern kitchens are available in a wide range of different colours that can be combined: from black to grey to timeless white and imitation wood, everything is possible to produce the perfect kitchen.

In addition, we also offer a wide choice of finishes so that your kitchen matches your personality, meets your needs and fits in perfectly with your home interior. Handles, door opening systems and drawers, furniture interiors, door finishes, etc. There are lots of elements which can be customised to create the most innovative kitchen.

Quality over time

For our kitchen models, we rely on a perfect level of quality. We therefore choose first-class materials to guarantee the durability of furniture. This durability is characterised by the following elements:

  • Solid furniture accessories, e.g. handles, hinges and shock absorbers for closing doors.
  • An elegant and stylish worktop, but also durable and resistant to stains and dampness.
  • Appliances from brands known for their sustainable technology and high standards.
  • Professional installation by qualified technicians who will deal with the most precise adjustments.

Many layout options

The layout of a kitchen is a crucial stage in your project. It is not always easy to navigate the many possibilities available: U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen, kitchen with a central island unit? How do I choose the right kitchen worktop? To guide you, our team of interior designers advises you at each stage and produces the plan that will be the best compromise between the necessary functional elements and the space available. 

As a real estate professional, are you looking for a valued partner to design quality kitchens ? Discover some examples of our work or make an appointment with one of our interior designers using the online contact form.

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