The luxury kitchens in our ‘K-select’ range: detailed customisation and premium finishes

Our K-select range consists of high-quality kitchens to satisfy the most demanding lovers of kitchens. The customised and fully bespoke design is brought to life by renowned craftsmen to create a unique room that suits you.


Our K-select range of kitchens are made by the best craftsmen, recognised in their field for their experience and the quality of their work. The design will be produced using the finest materials such as, for example, solid wood. Each creation is unique, which means that your prestige kitchen meets the most stringent requirements.

A high level of customisation

K-select range kitchens can be customised down to the smallest detail to create an exceptional design. Today, the kitchen has become a real living area that is both practical and welcoming, and a true reflection of your character and your lifestyle. Whether you’re aiming for sophistication and hi-tech equipment, or a classic and more timeless design, the goal is to move away from standard models. Our designers assist you throughout the design of the project to create a customised place for you which is comfortable and suited to your habits.

High-quality finishes

The quality of the finishes is an essential part of a premium kitchen. These are also handmade by renowned craftsmen. To create the space that suits you, we offer a wide range of lacquer colours, but also various textures. For example, if you choose real wood, it can be bleached or oiled to maintain its natural appearance while avoiding stains. You can also choose a coloured varnish to give a more industrial, aged look or even more knots in the wood to increase the authentic effect.

What if you matched all of your furniture?

As the K-select range of creations are fully customised and hand-crafted, it is possible to put your kitchen furniture in other rooms of the house to match your interior design. For example, for a kitchen which opens out onto the dining room, a buffet or customised storage cupboards which look like kitchen furniture would give the room a unique character by creating a welcoming space to welcome your loved ones.

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