Modernity, timeless elegance and the holistic view of design and architecture are characteristic of the LEICHT brand

The LEICHT high-end kitchen program encompasses modern, traditional and individual kitchens.

Multiple customization options.

LEICHT belongs to the top 10 of the German kitchen industry. The high-end LEICHT kitchen program includes modern & traditional kitchens. The perfect combination of modern production, many personalization options and “tailor-made” production possibilities.

LEICHT has developed from a Swabian quality manufacturer into a worldwide sought-after brand, which is now exported to 55 countries.

The company, originally founded as a carpenter’s workshop in 1928 by the brothers Alois and Josef Leicht, leaves its mark on the modern kitchen architecture of the 21st century. LEICHT has recently been named as the “best-selling premium brand in Germany”. LEICHT is the only kitchen manufacturer to be awarded the “most innovative brand of the year” label.

LEICHT presents “Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier”

For a company that has been working with internationally successful architects for many years, it was only a consistent step with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier to confess to the design principles of classic modernism and especially to the color.

Natural, harmonious and timeless – these are the characteristics of the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colors developed by Le Corbusier. In their quality as high-quality “architectural colors”, they have inspired LEICHT to be the first and only kitchen manufacturer to include selected nuances in the portfolio and to offer them for individual and unique kitchen planning.

With a selection of subtle and more intensive, characterful colors, the company thus increases the individual play areas in kitchen planning and the design of a harmonious transition from kitchen to living space.

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